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about the wedding planner

So Lovely To Meet You

Hi there, I'm Amber!

I am the owner of Simply Darling Events. I've always been a thoughtful, sincere, passionate wedding planner that cares deeply about my couples and knowing the small part I play, in their special day, makes the world of difference to not only them but their families and friends also, gives me a sense of fulfillment like no other!

My love for weddings and events began in 2012 when I was in my very first wedding party. After getting into the industry and dipping my toes into every different aspect of planning and executing an event from doing event set ups and tear downs to creating floral centerpieces to ironing/tying chair sashes to running a catering dinner service to being a venue coordinator, I knew wedding planning and coordination was for me!


I believe that every event deserves to be stunning and unique. With my graduate certificate in Event Management, I love bringing together all the intimate details that go into creating a memorable event. I'm so thrilled to celebrate more love stories as a Ottawa Wedding Planner. 

When I am not in planning mode, which who I am kidding, I'm usually in planning mode. You will likely find me enjoying walks with my dog, on the dodge ball court or trying out a new recipe for dinner! 

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Smiling at Two People in Love
some fun facts about me

Among my friends and colleagues I'm known as the ultimate party playlist creator.

If you need song suggestions just ask me!

I love to eat anything with chocolate in it.

Almost every time I'm at the grocery store, I buy a Dairy Milk chocolate peppermint bar.

I cannot live without lip balm.

You'll find at least one in every room of my home, coat pockets, and car.


I enjoy finding the best restaurants in the region, especially those hidden gems!

One thing I always forget when ordering from an Indian or Mexican restaurant is to say no cilantro. 

Every time I pass a dog I cannot help but smile or say "awwww".

This is a reaction that I wish I could stop doing while driving. 

Commercials annoy me so much that I exclusively listen to my iPod.

Another pet peeve of mine is super loud chewing or not closing your mouth while chewing.

Refined Rustic Autumn Outdoor Wedding
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